Hello people,

This social media software is currently undergoing improvement so is offline at the moment.

We are trying to create a user friendly platform that will serve the people fairly.

We may need to change the software and you will be updated by email shortly.

Please bear with us.

This chat is run by the people for the people therefore we will not have any input or actions from social media giants like Facebook etc

We believe it is our democratic right to freedom of speech and as we (the people) run this chat site personally we have 100% control over it.

You can rest assured because of this there are no restrictions to what you can say.

The only 2 things that we WILL NOT TOLERATE is child cruelty and animal cruelty.

Anyone found abusing these rules will be banned FOR LIFE and there details will be passed onto The NSPCC or RSPCA respectively.

Apart from this you can post what you want, say how you feel and speak your mind as we have the right to.

Please keep posted we will be in touch soon. Thank You !